2 Nov

Tittle: Shopaholic

Author: Icha Fasya Hapsari a.k.a Chaic

Cast:  Jeon Boram, Lee Jinki a.k.a Onew

Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Length: Oneshot

sebelumnya aku udah pernah post fanfic ini disini http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/283560/shopaholic-boram-onew-romance   and http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/283560/1/shopaholic-boram-onew-romance 🙂 enjoy..

sebelumnya mian aku belum lanjutin wgm taejinya -_- aku gantiin sama ini dulu ya 🙂


Oneday, at home. Someone who’s likes shopping so much, Jeon boram. She’s addict with shopping. She always bought stuff like dress, high heels and else by online shop.  In her mind only shopping, shopping and shopping, not else.

Meanwhile, at somewhere, he’s a delivery from candyshop, Lee jinki. But, he has a famous name, Onew. He has a duty to deliver stuff to consumen, and one of them is Boram.

Onew was deliver the stuff to Boram. And it was a seventh time he go to Boram’s house to deliver it. Boram knew it, she felt was bored, why always him to deliver her stuff.

Jeon Boram, 26th, shopaholic. Love shopping by online shop. Yellow addict. Kinda arrogant but basicly, she’s a kind person.

Lee Jinki, 23th, work at candyshop as delivery the stuffs. Like Boram, he also yellow addict. Basicly, he loves boram since their first meeting.


Ting tong

“delivery from candyshop” yelled Onew. Boram walk and open the door.

“oh, okay. Thanks onew –grab the stuff from onew-“ Boram said and she almost close the door.

“wait!” hold Onew. Boram open the door again. “why?” she asked.

“hmm, please sign at this –give a paper“ Onew said. Boram just O-ing and signing in the paper.

“this, so can i close the door now?” ask Boram cold to Onew.

“oh, yeah as you wish” Boram close the door and Onew just staying at there.

“oh Boram-ssi, i just want to meet you now, aish” sigh Onew.


At Boram’s room.

“yes mom, yes, i know. I’m sorry –pip” Boram was called by her mom. Her mom angry with her cause Boram’s credit card is limit.

“i can’t shopping again –sigh” sigh Boram.

Her mom told her that she can’t shopping by her credit card. Boram was frustased. She ruffled her hair.

“no way!! Mom i can’t be like this, argh!”


At chandyshop

Onew just looking at phone to receive the order. He wish it was from Boram.

“Onew, why? Any problem?” ask Eunhyuk, his hyung.

“ah, ani.” He answer.

“waiting the order from Boram? –laugh-

“a-ani. What you saying hyung, aish –leaving Eunyuk-

“haha, just joking Onew. It’s time to go home. Let’s close the shop”


Onew walk and go to somewhere with his yellow jacket, he loves his jacket. He arrived at the park. He buy a cup of moccacino and sit on park bench. Onew just looking around him. He was suprised. He saw someone he known.

“Boram?” he say.

He walk to Boram.

“annyeong, Boram-ssi –bow”

Boram looking the back. And she kept with her arrogant face (?).

“hmm Onew?” she ask. Onew nods. “what are you doing now, Boram-ssi?” ask Onew. Boram keep silent. She won’t talk.

“Boram-ssi?” “yes?”

“any problem?” Onew ask. Boram nods.

“let me know it”

“my mom was angry with me. She block my credit card. I can’t shopping at your store again –crying” Onew hug her.

“it’s okay Boram-ssi,” Onew said.

“but i can’t. I feel i will die if i can’t shopping hiks –still crying” Onew hold his laugh cause he hear Boram’s reason.

“uljima, it’s ok. You never die if you can’t shopping Boram haha –laugh” Boram hug off from Onew.

“what you mean –pinch onew’s chest” Boram nagging. Onew laugh so loud.

“ok ok i’m sorry, i just joking. Want to visit my store? All the time, you just visit us at blog, not the store, right?” ask Onew. Boram agree and walk with Onew.


At candyshop

Onew open the door. He turn on the light.

“welcome” celebrate Onew to Boram. Boram was suprising.

“wow” Onew just smiling look at Boram.

“i never see your store before. I just see your blog and now, i come ” say Boram.

Onew leave Boram and bring something.

“this –give a something” Boram confuse. “what’s this?” she asked.

“just open it and you will know” smiling Onew.

Boram open the gift. She suprising again. She look at Onew.

“what’s you mean?” Boram ask with angry. Now, Onew was suprised with Boram reaction.

“i i just want to give it to you” Onew say.

Boram sigh. “i don’t need it” walk and leaving the store.

“wait!” yell Onew. “what?” say Boram.

Onew walk to Boram. He kneeling down to Boram. He bring a teddy bear with yellow dress, and hold Boram’s hand.

“i know, maybe it so crazy. But, i want to tell you the truth. I like you since we first meeting. Since you always order stuff in my store, i also wait your call to order our stuffs, and this –give the teddy- for you. I know, you like yellow, right? So, teddy’s dress by me. I make it, just for you. Boram-ssi, would you be my girlfriend?” saying Onew. Boram just silent. And then, she smile, warm smile to Onew.

“thanks” say her. Boram take the teddy and hug it. “thank you Onew” she say.

Onew smiling, “you not answer my question yet” Boram look at Onew and nods. “yes, i do. I like you too at the same we first meet –smile” Onew feels so happy, and Boram too.

“really” say Onew. Boram nods and hug tight Onew.

“thanks Boram. Now, you don’t worry you can’t shop at here. Whenever you want, you can shop at here” Onew say.

“really? Ok!! –Boram running- i want it, i want it and also it” Onew just laughing.

-door was opened-

“Boram, you can’t be like this!”




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